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Cold Foil Stamping Labels

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Cold foil stamping is used to give a glossy metallic touches to your label, it helps to elevate the label design.
This is a popular printing technique used to add metallic touches to the label. Cold foil stamping technique can be used in many different types of labels and even on temperature sensitive material, hot foil stamping is more expensive and has its limitations over cold foil stamping.

Cold foil stamping is more acceptable method for long jobs, it is also faster and cheaper compared to hot foil stamping method, since cold foil stamping is a on-press method its cost effective, fast and suitable for all kind of order sizes.

There are many advantages of cold foil stamping such as it helps your brand gets more visibility and catches more eye balls due to its metallic and reflective nature, it has more shelf appeal and as a result it helps in attracting more customers.

It doesn’t damage heat sensitive material, be it plastic films or non-absorbent paper it doesn’t damage it.

Multiple color options are available in cold foil stamping, you can get various options beyond gold and silver colors.

Renu prints offer cold foil stamping labels for wide variety of applications and delivers pan India.

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