Anti Counterfeit Security Labels, Self adhesive general purpose flexo labels

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Tamper Evident Labels

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Mr. C. V. Saraf
Dy. Director, MSME-DI

Temper evident labels have one or more indicators which are evident in case of tampering with the packaging , and end user can easily recognize the tampering of the product has occurred.

In simple words, tamper evident labels leave some kind of footprint when removed or tampered.

It has become highly critical to offer added layer of security feature to your product packaging which gives confidence to your consumers.

Tamper evident labels provided by Renu Prints (P) Ltd. In India is leading supplier of such labels to wide range of industries such as Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Food and Beverages, Automotive, Consumer Electronics and others.

We can tamper evident labels in wide variety and can be developed as per customer requirements

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