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UV & Lamination Labels

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UV labels :
UV varnish labels are having glossy UV coating, which renders a shiny appearance to the label which protects it from weather elements.

A type of varnish coating that is cured by exposure to UV light. UV varnishes usually have some solid content and can be produced as 100% solids that are applied as a thin film; they dry almost instantly when exposed to UV light.

There are several benefits of UV varnish labels as below :

• Brilliant appearance – The UV coating enriches colors and imparts a professional look to the packaging material, your brand gets a distinct look due to this stand out feature.
• Durability – UV coating will improve the durability factor of the label, it will last longer than non-UV coated labels, this ensures that the label last until the product is fully utilized by the consumer and throughout the life of a actual product.
• Clarity – By applying UV coating on labels it enhances the clarity of printed matter and makes the details stand out easily, it will help to get the brand recognition.
• Environment friendly – The coated material used in the process doent not emit any volatile compounds on curing UV rays.

UV coating protects a label from damaging it from scuffing or friction during it useful working life.

You can use UV coating to make your graphical elements or textual elements to stand out with clarity on your labels. There are many different finished which can be applied to enhance its appearance and thus attract customers.

These specialist coatings can come in several surface finishes including gloss, matte, glitter and sensory applications etc. They can be used to highlight specific areas of a design by using spot varnish techniques.A practical application in the pharmaceutical industry is the provision of raised Braille characters. Other applications include adding covert security protection for high value products to prevent counterfeiting.

Lamination labels

To attract new customers towards your brand on shelf your label should stand out from the rest, gone are the days of simple straightforward plain labels.

Lamination labels offer robust mechanism for protecting the label against damages caused by friction, scuffing and other challenging environments which the label has to undergo during the lifetime of product. No matter in which application segment the label is being used there will always be a chance of damaging the surface of the label. For example household products such as shampoo bottles where wet hands are bound to touch the label surface and it will get in constant contact with hot water which without a proper lamination will damage the label for sure.

Then there are labels which are used in outdoor conditions in this case labels are exposed to intense UV radiation from sun, heat in summer and freezing conditions in winter and snow-ice, in all such adverse conditions label has to be protected during its life-cycle and need to preserve the information printed on the label, properly applied lamination can help overcome all these risks.

Lamination not only provide protection against the mentioned damages to the label but also provide rich look by its glossy finish. There are several types of materials being used to laminate the labels.
Different methods of application are
Thermal lamination where laminate is bonded to the substrate using heat and pressure.
Aqueous adhesive, eliminating solvents from the coating area
silicone adhesives, when special release properties are required such as a peel and reseal
UV-cured adhesives; acrylic adhesives, for applications where a high level of adhesion is required or where overprinting of digital printing is important.

Polypropylene is currently the most popular lamination film and is the least expensive. It has excellent clarity and can be supplied in a 2mil thickness.

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