Anti Counterfeit Security Labels, Self adhesive general purpose flexo labels

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Smart Labels

Working Systems of the Unit are very Impressive & Practicle, I wish all the best to Mr. Deshpande & his Team members.

Mr. C. V. Saraf
Dy. Director, MSME-DI

Brand protection has become ever important concern for every business, and due to counterfeiting brands are making huge loses every year.

In a market research its found that about 66% people who have used counterfeit product unintentionally have lost their trust on the brand and have moved to competing product.

Almost every company faces the threat of counterfeiting and This also affect brand image badly and affect bottom lines of pharma companies and companies do not recover their R&D investments due to this and above all it poses serious threat to national health security.

Product counterfeiting has gone to an extent where it has become really difficult to distinguish between genuine product and counterfeit product  by the end consumer so its next to impossible to identify fake product by its packaging and also by using yesterdays technologies and method such as holograms and specialized printing as it does not assure full proof solution.

In order to over come the problem of counterfeiting we have invested a technology which uses unique QR codes for every product container which is linked a highly secure database on cloud, by using mobile phone camera scanner authenticity of the product can be verified easily.

We are also providing mobile applicable or web based technology to provide added multimedia information along with the feature of authenticity verification, based on customer requirements we are providing the suitable solution to every customer.

Our unique blend of printing technology for QR codes, temper evident technology and soffware technology ensures fool proof solution to counterfeiting.

With this technology our goal is to save lives of people who are dying due to fake consumable products be it medicines, food or drink.

Industries we serve for anti-counterfeiting solution

Food & Beverages

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