Anti Counterfeit Security Labels, Self adhesive general purpose flexo labels

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Removable Label

Working Systems of the Unit are very Impressive & Practicle, I wish all the best to Mr. Deshpande & his Team members.

Mr. C. V. Saraf
Dy. Director, MSME-DI

A removable label is a type of label that can be removed from the surface it is applied on without leaving adhesive residue on or damaging the label itself.

These kind of labels can be easily peel off and doesn’t require any special equipment to peel off.

These labels can be used to protect the product from getting scratches and end user can easily remove it whenever they want.

Removable labels are ideal for short term and temporary labels for pricing, offer or instructions information.

These labels are available in various sizes and can be printed in up to 8 colors at Renu Prints (P) Ltd.

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